Success without constant hard work? Yes!

Okay, so in my earlier blog post here, I talked about the difference between a “real” entrepreneur and a mere “dreamer” with good ideas, and the what separates the two is action.  I also talked about what could be stopping a great dreamer (like you?) from actually taking action.

One thing which may stop potentially great entrepreneurs is the fear of hard work.

Well, good news!

A lot of GREAT entrepreneurs HATE hard work too.  In fact I believe in these two sayings:

“If you must always work more to earn more, then there’s something wrong with your business model.” -David Michael Ledesma (me)

“I choose a LAZY person to do a hard job.  Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” -Bill Gates

You’ve already heard of the old cliche that you should work smarter instead of harder.  Well guess what: in today’s Web 2.0 world, it’s VERY real. Cleverness, ingenuity, originality and (a small but reasonable amount of) action go a looooooong way.  It’s so simple (and I dare say it: quite “easy”) to set up a good business nowadays by starting with something as simple as Youtube (like I did!) or other social media to get followers.  What will you set up?  You can set up a business based on your passion; your passion could be in fashion, beauty, photography, fishing, wine tasting… (whatever!).  I’ll eventually be teaching you how to do this step-by-step (it’s simple AND easy…)

The great thing is, once you start a business with web 2.0 (Youtube, squidoo, etc.) and you get your followers, you can eventually link this to your website, which can then earn money ON AUTOPILOT (whaaa??). Yes, you’ll only have to update your site every now and then; maybe 45 min. per day at the most, and it will continue to earn money for you… without much work on your part… and your social media content will continue to drive people to your site.

Anyway, as I’ll be showing my viewers how to do that eventually, back to this post’s topic. Why is there a strong belief that we must “work hard” in order to achieve success?  I think of only 2 reasons:

1) Your parents or grandparents said so.

2) Your teachers said so.

3) You read it from business personalities, authors, and gurus online and elsewhere.

Let me tackle it one by one.

“My parents and grandparents said so.”  Well, they come from another time when maybe indeed, hard work was needed.  They certainly couldn’t set up businesses which would earn money on autopilot (read: “website”).

“My teachers said so.”  I don’t blame them.  To succeed in high school in the past, you definitely needed to work hard.  But there are other ways nowadays when you get to college or masters (they obviously haven’t heard of the super easy videos of, LOL!)

“Famous entrepreneurs and authors said so.”  You know what?  I think either these are big people who built their success a long time ago… or they indeed worked hard and became successful, but the success could’ve come even without the hard work…. OR they’re simply LYING through their teeth.

Why would they LIE to you about hard work? Simple, TO PLAY IT SAFE. To protect themselves from being blamed for your failure. Huh?  More often than not, these gurus give you some “magic formula for success”… and then they insert “hard work” as part of the “formula.”  Why? So that if their formula fails and you blame them, they can point the finger back at you and say “Hey! Part of the formula is ‘hard work.’ If you failed, it’s not coz of my formula, it’s coz you didn’t work ‘hard enough.’ ”  Get my drift?  It’s a simple as that; they add in the ‘hard work’ aspect to wash their hands clean if you fail while following their formula.

I too have a ‘formula’ but I know it can never guarantee success… even then, I do believe that you can VERY GREATLY increase your chances of success using cleverness and ingenuity with social media… without much work (or at least without constantly having much work; as the business should eventually run on almost autopilot).

So well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post.  Til next time!



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