UpCounsel Promo Code & Review: DANGERS of Setting Up a Startup Business Without Talking to a Lawyer or Legal Help

Hi guys! (My review of UpCounsel.com, and promo code below in case you need it)

I admit, I started out like many online entrepreneurs without any lawyer or legal help. In fact, I only started with my laptop and a Youtube channel! I later set up a website and integrated it with Paypal so I could accept payments, and also e-junkie so that I could sell e-books. All well and good. Luckily, I had no problems. I didn’t wanna talk to any lawyers because just like you, I imagined going to some snazzy law firm’s office (thanks to shows like “Suits”) and being quoted an expensive price not suitable for tiny entrepreneurs. So I didn’t seek any lawyer’s help early in my biz; and perhaps you might not either.

However, it’s also good to be pro-active to protect you from future problems. So eventually as I grew, I looked for legal help online and am now delighted that I did; as I found a really cool website which matches high-quality and LOW-PRICED lawyers with small startup entrepreneurs who need help. It’s kinda like an Uber-type thing; but instead of matching drivers with riders, it matches small entrepreneurs with lawyers… and you can read the ratings/reviews of lawyers before you hire any. The website is called UpCounsel.com. They even give you $100 credit if you’re linked by an existing customer. That’s very significant… If your first job is $200 to say, ask a lawyer to draft a very thorough Terms of Use for your website, that’s 50% off right there. So if you’re looking for a “promo code”, “coupon”, or “voucher” for UpCounsel or upcounsel.com, feel free to use my link here: https://www.upcounsel.com/rf/ioJjPetC

Then you and I will *both* get $100 each.

I recommend them not “just because” of the credit I’ll get (you can go direct if you wish and we both won’t get anything, and that’s completely fine); but because I personally used them and had a great experience (usual disclaimer applies; I recommend them and had a great experience with them, but I make absolutely no guarantees on their behalf). Hope it helps!


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