You’ve Been Studying Wrong (Here’s what’s right)

The fact that you're here tells me that you found my tutorial videos great.

If my videos solved your problems, then perhaps that means you've been having a hard time studying.
You've heard the over-used cliche "work smarter instead of harder" to get rich and I do believe in that (I'm sure so do you). But why is it then that we apply that philosophy to business but not to studying?
As I mentioned in my ebook "Tips to Totally Top Grades", there are some very simple but powerful techniques which allow you to master subjects in the easiest way and shortest possible time.
1) First thing to remember: When faced with a scary new concept you should NOT rush to understand everything
from the beginning.  This will just confuse you more.  Instead, relax and read or study everything from beginning to end, even if it feels like you’re not picking up anything.  You'll be surprised at the results if you do this.
Sometimes, you need to study or read everything from Part 1 to Part 10 before you can understand Part 1.  Then
repeat!2) Confusing diagrams,tables, or charts with confusing illustrations or numbers?  I'll tell you a shocking secret.  Did you know...

  • Many of those confusing horrible diagrams were actually invented to make it easier for you to understand. I know right?! It's bullshit.  It just confuses us more, right? Well, here's the secret. If you're confused, do NOT try to understand the table or diagram as a whole.  Instead, try thinking about what the diagram/table/chart might have looked like from the beginning when it was still almost an empty space.  And then think of what number or illustration went first.  And then what number or illustration went second.  And third, fourth, etc.

You must understand that the diagram, chart, or table might represent a sequence or movement of things.  Therefore, it would be very easy to understand it if you have a bunch of different diagrams showing different parts of the sequence.  However, to save on your book's "precious" space, the publisher pushed all these different diagrams from different parts of the sequence into just one diagram, illustration, or table.  The result? Confusion reigns!  The normal idiot (like you and me) cannot easily decipher what in the sequence went first, second, third, etc.

Also realize: When the second item appears on say, a diagram, maybe the first item is supposed to disappear.  When the third item appears, maybe the second item is supposed to disappear.  But again, you won't easily realize this if you just look at the chart, which crowds all the different sequences or situations into just one chart. In the end, only the "smart" (geeky!) people in class who realize this end up understanding the illustration.  Now that you realize this too, you can do it yourself.  Of course, it may take a long time, but it's worth it!

Keep these tips in mind and you'll see a big change in understanding what you study. If you seriously want to learn  how to study smarter  instead of harder (to allow you more free time to party while at the same time getting much better grades), you may want to check out the e-book of my affiliate Dr. Marc Dussault, a real study-techniques expert. To check it out, click here (see video).

As always, happy learning!

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  • Jitendra Prasad

    Reply Reply 25 July 2017

    Sir, your tutorials are great.I used it to refresh my self for the job interviews .It’s great source when you have to recollect the things.

    Thanks a lot.

    Jitendra prasad

    • David

      Reply Reply 4 August 2017

      @Jitendra: Hope your job interview went well!

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