Present Value of Money in 17 Minutes

3 Minute Overview of Future Value, Present Value, and Net Present Value (Present Value Calculation at Bottom)

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Part 2

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  • rich

    Reply Reply 8 March 2012

    can you confirm how this formulae is calculated? how you got to 66.51?

    • David

      Reply Reply 10 March 2012

      Hi Rich, just use your calculator. Can you show your calculation to see why you’re getting a different number?

  • JJ

    Reply Reply 1 April 2012

    Hi Rich – Trying use my mathematics calculator to reach your answer – unfortunately I cannot get the same. However another way I am doing this – and coming close to your answer is by doing the following:
    PV= 100 (16.66 – 16.82) = 66.58 – but sadly not 66.51
    Please could you confirm how you calculate this? Thanx

    • David

      Reply Reply 6 April 2012

      Hello guys! It (normally) does not need to be exactly the same answer down to the last decimal, because we all have different habits for rounding off during the step-by-step process..

  • syed azheruddin

    Reply Reply 12 March 2014

    i got it

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