Future Value of Money in 9 Minutes

3 Minute Overview of Future Value, Present Value, and Net Present Value (Future Value Calculation at Bottom)

Future Value Calculation

Future Value Less than 1 Year Period – Premium Video (Free Preview)

Future Value Compounding – Premium Video (Free Preview)

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  • Mustafa Kamaludeen

    Reply Reply 23 December 2011

    Quite easy n interesting to watch the video to have a basic idea on the PV, FV and the
    related formula for calculation.

    • David

      Reply Reply 24 December 2011

      I’m happy it’s interesting. Good luck in your exams dude!

  • Mustafa Kamaludeen

    Reply Reply 23 December 2011

    It’s interesting. Very simple to follow the formula, as with the PV video.

  • rich

    Reply Reply 8 March 2012

    Sorry but I don’t understand how you reached $300? can you please explain how i need to calculate the formulae?

    • David

      Reply Reply 10 March 2012

      Hi Rich, just use your calculator. Can you show your calculation to see why you’re getting a different number?

  • Jordy

    Reply Reply 21 August 2012

    When I work this out I do not get $300. I put in the calculator 200×1.06=212. And then I do 212 x 7= 1484 which is not $300. Where am I going wrong?

  • David

    Reply Reply 27 August 2012

    Hi Jordy, if you don’t have a scientific calculator, you first do 1.06 raised to the 7… this will equal 1.504. Multiply original 200 x 1.504 = 300.72

  • Amriddin

    Reply Reply 11 October 2012

    Awe-somatic!!! Universities should hire teachers like you! Great job!

    • David

      Reply Reply 25 October 2012

      @Amridding: LOL I’m not qualified to teach coz I “don’t have a PhD” :p

  • CDPalmers

    Reply Reply 26 October 2012

    Great instructional video man! Informative with just a dash of humor. This video along with the other really helped me understand all that financial “bullshit” that gets thrown around.
    Keep up the good work!

    • David

      Reply Reply 30 October 2012

      Great you find the bullshit informative, CD Palmers!

  • gopi

    Reply Reply 12 December 2012

    hi david

    it makes me to calculate very easily

    thank you….

    • David

      Reply Reply 28 December 2012

      Glad you find it very easy now Gopi!

  • Meguell

    Reply Reply 12 December 2012

    I am new to this financial accounting
    1.06 raised to the 7… this will equal 1.504
    did you multiply 1.06 x 7 ? or divide

    • David

      Reply Reply 28 December 2012

      Hey Meguell, you have to use the exponent function on your scientific calculator, not multiply nor divide.

  • william

    Reply Reply 20 April 2013

    Great job…I finally get it.

    • David

      Reply Reply 22 April 2013

      @William: Great to know you finally get it.

  • blob

    Reply Reply 10 July 2013

    how do we do the calculation without a scientific calculator?

  • k.r.menon

    Reply Reply 21 February 2014

    Could you help me in financial management MBA 2nd sem UPTU, India

    • David

      Reply Reply 22 February 2014

      Hi K.R. you can check the ‘homework help’ tab but we’re actually quite full now. Anyway, the best of luck to you at UPTU!

  • Gregory

    Reply Reply 28 August 2014

    And other way is multiple the results seven times on a simple calculator. Using Excel, setup the first cells, then copied to the seventh level. Name the the spreadsheet “Compound Interest Calculator”. Then, in the future, just change the starting capital (PV) & Interest Rate (r) & let the calculator give the answer. Also, in Excel, use the exponential if you know how to use it. It you need beyond 7 years, just copy the last cell to the desired end year. Online, there are already compound interest calculators with just enter data & get results. Thank you MBABullshit because it shows what I have suspected. MBAs are all theory & grooming for executive status without learning how to ‘make money work for you’ when the executive loses the job or cannot get a job to pay back the student loan. Academia does not want the truth out because people will get smart about making money without spending 200,000 on an education that enslaves the student for the first ten working years.

    • David

      Reply Reply 4 September 2014

      @Gregory, wow that’s a pretty harsh assessment of yours LOL, cheers

  • Hamid

    Reply Reply 10 November 2014

    Hi David. Many thanks. You are our saver 🙂

    • David

      Reply Reply 15 November 2014

      @Hamid glad to have helped save you!

  • Hadi

    Reply Reply 16 May 2017

    Hello David,

    Is this package still going on? if so I would like to get the whole package that includes the all free e-book and the all videos. but I Have a question, will I be able to have the e-book forever ? or for limited time ?


    • David

      Reply Reply 16 May 2017

      @Hadi: Which package? But yes, the ebook is forever. The videos are for a limited time depending on length of membership

  • Hadi

    Reply Reply 16 May 2017

    [Comment/question removed for being all-caps]

    • David

      Reply Reply 16 May 2017

      @Hadi: No need for all caps, and I normally don’t approve all-cap comments. Anyway, if you were given a time-limited offer for all the ebooks (97 instead of $400 for all the ebooks) and it expired for you, then it’s no longer available for you, sorry. The video plan is also 97, which gives you access to the entire video library for 1 month, both premium and free videos found here: https://mbabullshit.com/entrepreneur/finance-videos-2/ If you are interested about it (completely your choice) you can learn more here: https://mbabullshit.com/blog/video-plan-151125/

  • Hadi

    Reply Reply 16 May 2017

    sorry about the cap sir. I was in rush and the caps lock was on. thanks for the explanation.

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