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  • Mark

    Reply Reply 23 November 2011

    I need to know if you have videos on business statictics? QNT/statistical techniques

    • David

      Reply Reply 24 November 2011

      Sorry, no statistics yet. Maybe in future but not sure. Cheers!

  • Neo

    Reply Reply 1 January 2012

    Happy New Year David,

    Thanks for providing free awesome material but I will keep looking for more free stuff in depth cuz im simply can’t afford the premium.

    from Property Really Copylefted

  • David

    Reply Reply 1 January 2012

    Happy new year too Neo!

  • khone

    Reply Reply 4 March 2012

    Dear Sir,
    Oh my god, your website really helps me a lot of preparing myself for the final exam on 20/03/2012. I found that your material becomes great assets to help me to make better grades which I am concerning all about the exam paper what are gonna be.

    Personally, I really love your website and materials available are so meaningful. From now to March 20, I would sleep well as my hope since I have sleeping less and be patient with talkative professor.. I’ll kick him ass if I get better grade. I strongly believe that your website is very interesting and feel fun while studying on your material. It is good words for example, like kick the professor ass and let him speakless!

    Thank you very much,
    Best Regards,

    • David

      Reply Reply 9 March 2012

      Great to hear that Khone!

      Indeed, sleep is very important for you to learn properly and have a great quality of life!


  • Valdete

    Reply Reply 7 May 2013

    Hi David,

    I was just wondering about all the premium videos. So if I pay one amount I can access all of them? or do i have to pay for each and everyone of them.

    How much would it cost to access all the premium videos? And how do i do it?

    I saw your free videos and i love them!

    /Val from Sweden :))

    • David

      Reply Reply 12 May 2013

      Hi Val, you just pay one amount to access all of them. There are many plans, from $97/month for unlimited access to $29.95 for 20 hours within 3 months (can watch 10 hours this month, another 7 hours next month, another 13 hours for the 3rd month; divide it up the way you want), as well as lower plans. The $29.95 or 19.95 plans are good enough for most people and most people with the 20-hour plan still end up with leftover hours in the end. Cheers

      • Atta

        24 December 2013

        Hi David,
        your videos are so useful, but the problem i don’t know how to pay for premium.
        could you please help me on the steps.

      • David

        25 December 2013

        Hi Atta,

        1) Go here:

        2) And then click the ‘add to cart’ button or choose another plan

        3) Enter any username and password which you want to use

        4) and then you’ll be able to enter your credit card info and sign up.


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