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  • ankit nayak

    Reply Reply 23 July 2012

    there is no free vedio i have tried a lot clicking vedios at bottom but nothing happens

    • David

      Reply Reply 23 July 2012

      Hi Ankit, you’re on the wrong page. Go to “Free Tutorials” page, and then go to the VERY bottom of that page. (not this page). Anyway, I’m in the process of making a much more easy-to-use website design to make it less confusing. Just waiting for my web designer to update. Cheers!

  • hamid

    Reply Reply 4 November 2013

    First of all you awesome. I thinks thank you is not enough to say to you but do not have other words. thanks you vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv much
    Hi, what to do with this 5% discount rate??????
    did you got this R by trill and error method??

  • syed azheruddin

    Reply Reply 13 March 2014

    i m not getting r=.072,.117 can i get good clarification in this

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