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  • Lee

    Reply Reply 8 August 2012

    Hi, I’m looking at your payment plans and would like to clarify a the answer to three questions I have.

    For example, with “Plan A+ Blaster EXTREME”:

    1. Does the $29.95 get give you three months to watch 20 hours worth?
    2. If so, what if you don’t reach the 20 hours within the three months? Does it simply expire after three months?
    3. What happens at the end of the three months? Does the subscription simply end?

    Finally, can you please clarify the price of the “B+ Quiz Burner” option? Your website says $45, but this is more expensive than the A+ options and you get less time.

    Thank you,


    • David

      Reply Reply 11 August 2012

      Hi Lee,

      1. Yes.
      2. Yes, it simply expires after 3 months
      3. Yes, no automatic renewal of any sort, for this plan.
      4. Quiz Burner: The A+ options should be more expensive, but they’re cheaper because they’re the “special”. This may change and may go back up in price. With the current prices (which may change), you get much better value at 29.95 or 19.95 for the A+ options

      Have a great day.

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