Up to 47% will drop out of business school

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So Many Pains For Business Students…

Dear Bull Viewer and Friend,

If you are on the way for your degree, you must be familiar with these kinds of problems:

You don’t understand what is your professor talking about.

I believe you have been in this moment: where you sit, looking at your professor and after minutes or hours listening you still can’t figure out what he/she is talking about.

You write down everything you see and hear even when you know your notes will be helpless without understanding them in the first place.

Well, you’re not alone.

We’re all familiar with this:

You wrote down everything you heard, and then at the end of the class, you tried to learn it from your notes and you realize something funny: You can’t even understand what you’ve written!

And let me guess, I bet you also have been in this moment before:

Been through tiring, grueling, sleepless nights studying, and still your brain has lost everything.

Lack of sleep sucks, especially when you’ve been studying for something you don’t understand and then end with zero results.

So much time wasted. You start to think “This could be more fun if I could go out, drink and hang out with my friends”.

I know that feeling.

The nightmare is coming too soon!

The clock is ticking, and nothing can stop it. You know the test is coming. You feel like (or know) that you missed precious days without learning enough and it keeps piling up.

So stressful!

Sometimes you blame yourself and feel so stupid.

Yes, I know that you might be so frustrated that you blame yourself. Becoming a business student sometimes can be so frustrating for you. You promised yourself you’d study, and for some reason, you didn’t. You wish you could turn back time.

Three times in the same classroom, you always meet the same professor who couldn’t make you understand your lecture.

It’s your right to be that lazy and unable to catch up on the subject. But for the THIRD time? Let’s face it, it’s a lot of money you spend on these subjects every year!

Maybe you should consider hiring a tutor and hope you could pass this subject.

You don’t have so much money to hire a tutor, and even if you could hire one there is no guarantee you could pass this semester.

To hire a tutor, it costs you $25/hour or $75 to $100 a day. Let say you arrange to meet your tutor 4 times a month, so it will costs you $300 to $400 a month. Isn’t it a bunch of money for a student?

Not to mention your tutor’s skills… he/she may know the subject well (so does your professor!), but can he/she make you understand the lecture?

You’re still unsure about this semester, whether you’ll pass with a good grade or not?

After hundreds of bucks in school fees, isn’t it wrong to feel the anxiety about whether you’ll do great this semester or not?

Unfortunately, no one knows but yourself.


I believe there are always solutions you could take to avoid things like these.

And the good news is… A huge help you need to finish your study and even winning honors is available in my best videos collection.

What’s more, my learning method is VERY SIMPLE and EASY.  If you’re here, you already know how easy my Youtube videos are, am I right? You can be the best student even if you were the slowest one in your class before. Sounds good, right?

I’ll tell you more about this in a second, but before that, allow me to introduce myself.

This is me drawn by my little sister.
She insisted I use it, LOL !

I’m David “Lightning-Fast Tutor” Michael, the guy behind MBA Bull’s more than 15 MILLION Youtube video views.

I started out just tutoring my classmates who couldn’t understand our professors, and then I uploaded just one wacky tutorial video to Youtube and got inspired when viewers told me that I “saved their ass” or even saved their “LIFE” (lol!).

My viewers couldn’t understand their lessons but my videos enabled them to pass or get VERY high grades (of course, resulting in a MUCH BETTER JOB and HIGHER SALARY).

If you ever watched one of my videos on Youtube, you know how I explain a subject in the simplest way possible… much easier to understand than what your professor can do.

Guess what?

Here, on this site, I’ve prepared all my best videos for you who want to complete your study way faster.

I Saved The Best For Last
So You Can Have It Right Now.

These Videos Are The Unfair Shortcut To Easily Passing Or Even Winning Honors.

Well, I’m going to be completely honest with you. Although I’m so confident it can help you finish your study with very high grades, the result may vary.

But, let’s think of this:

Even if you don’t finish your study or get honors, it can still help you save time and money.

“How could these videos save my time and money?” you might ask.

Here’s what I mean:

My best videos can help you understand a subject much faster than learning in class with your professor.

That means…

  • You don’t have to take the subject again and spend your money again.
  • You don’t need to spend money on a personal tutor that could cost you $300 a month.
  • You can graduate faster and not delay getting a good salary.

That’s A Lot Of Time And
Money You Can Save!

Curious to learn more about it?

If so, then here’s the list of my best videos available only for premium members:

Present Value and Future Value

  1. Present Value Less than 1 Year in 15 min.   
  2. Present Value Compounding in 19 min.
  3. Present Value of Growing Annuity in 10 min. 
  4. Present Value of Annuity Due (or ‘Advanced Annuity’) in 7 min.  
  5. Present Value of Delayed Annuity in 12 min.  
  6. Present Value of Growing Perpetuity in 8min.  
  7. Future Value Compounding in 31 min.

Very Important

  1. ABC Activity-based-costing Exam Training in 44 min.  
  2. Multiple-Year Cashflow in 27 minutes  
  3. Cashflow for Specific Project in 29 min.  
  4. Decision Tree Exam Training Solution in 42 min.  
  5. Efficient Market Hypothesis, Expectations, & Share Price in 21 min.  
  6. Financial Ratio Analysis – 7 Turnover Ratios in 19 min.  
  7. Financial Ratio Analysis – 5 Financial Leverage Ratios in 24 min.

CAPM, BETA, Arbitrage and WACC

  1. SML Security Market Line Super Simplified in 11 min.  
  2. Beta for CAPM in 25 min. 
  3. Beta Levered vs. Unlevered in 29 min.  
  4. APT.1 Arbitrage Pricing Theory Vs. CAPM in 32 min.  
  5. APT.2 APT & Systematic Vs. Idiosyncratic Risk in 24 min.  
  6. APT.3 APT & Portfolio Diversification in 30 min.  
  7. WACC Exam Training in 22 min.

The Fundamentally Important   

  1. NPV Investment 1 or 2 in 22 min.  
  2. NPV Lease or Buy Training in 19 min.  
  3. IRR Exam Training in 18 min.  
  4. Discounted Payback Period in 8 min.  
  5. Cost-Volume-Profit with Profit & Taxes in 12 min.  
  6. EOQ Economic Order Quantity with Quantity Discount in 28 min.  
  7. ROP Reorder Point with Safety Stock in 6 min.

Capital Structure & Debt Policy   

  1. Modigliani & Miller M&M Theory Propostion I in 26 min.  
  2. Modigliani & Miller M&M Theory Proposition II in 23 min.  
  3. Dividend Policy: Stock Dividends and Stock Splits in 12 min.  
  4. Stock/Share Repurchase Doesn’t Help Shareholders in 19 min.  
  5. Tax Shield for Debt Policy in 32 min.

Stocks, Bonds & Options   

  1. Stock Valuation Exam Training in 21 min.  
  2. Bond Valuation Exam Training in 18 min.  
  3. Call Options Value at Expiration in 11 min.  
  4. Put Options Value at Expiration in 10 min.  
  5. Black-Scholes Model for Put Option Valuation in 26 min.  
  6. Black-Scholes Model for Call Option Valuation in 27 min.

Forward Rate   

  1. Forward Rate Using Inflation in 24 min.  
  2. Forward Rate Using Interest in 16 min.  
  3. Forward Rate for Multiple Years in 6 min.

As you can see, instead of in weeks or months,

You Can Learn These
Topics In Minutes!

“Sounds good, but is this for me?”

Well, unfortunately, this is probably not for you.

If you are NOT a business student and you just want a basic background of business, please just check out my free, basic videos on this site and on Youtube; that should be more than enough.


IF you are a business student, have the ambition to study faster and aim for a good salary, then these videos are for you.

Imagine if you can catch up quickly this semester, what benefit you will have:

  • Less time studying means less money to spend on school fees. You can have more time to focus on your career and save more money for the things you would like to do.
  • Catch your dreams as quickly as possible with a faster start. While your friends just get their “degree,” you will see yourself sitting in the lion’s chair where everybody wants your position.
  • Possibilities to have a good salary when you have a good record for this subject. Remember, a company always looks for the best employees for the good positions, and when you show up with good grades, you will be more likely to secure your position in the company.
  • And the list still goes on.

After you’ve watched all my best videos, chances are you may tell me the benefit of getting your degree faster… Just like the other people who tell me their success stories.

What Others Says About Me

Alright guys, I want you to remember something.

It is not like I have any mental disorder who tells my own success story to everybody.

Honestly, I gain my confidence to tell you about this from my subscribers. They thanked me for helping them, guiding them and lighting their way to accomplish their degree.

So, here’s what some premium users have said to me:

“Thanks to a friend who told me about these videos, I regained confidence.”

AndréPierre “AP” du Plessis, Columbia University
Ivy League & Top 5 Business Schools (Wall Street Journal)
(Printed with permission, edited for length)

“With MBAbullshit, things started to click, 4 hours lecture summarized into 2 videos… not only did I understand but was able to explain to others.”

Enrique Gasca, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Top 10 World Universities (Times Higher Ranking)
(Printed with permission, edited for length)

“MBA Bull is exactly what I needed to master complex concepts… saved me tons of time.”

Jake Mattison, Cornell University
Ivy League & Top 10 World Business Schools (Businessweek)
(Printed with permission, edited for length)

“MBAbullshit, your videos saved me! Before you, I had no clue what’s going on!”

Heather Chiang, Arizona State University
Top 40 Business/Economic Schools (Academic Ranking of World Universities)
(Printed with permission, edited for length)

“By the way, I got an A!

KMarie Reid, MD
Army Veteran, , Brandeis University Business Student (DONE!), Surgeon

Are these people any different than you? No they are not.

In fact, many of my premium subscribers were struggling while finishing their degrees. But after watching my premium videos, the results are what you see from real people above.

One more important thing to remember:

In case you’re wondering whether or not my learning method will work in your university… just see for yourself how these users above are from different universities and different backgrounds, from “Ivy League” to even just ordinary ones who achieved success.

That said, you have a pretty good idea if my learning method will work for you too!

So what do you say?

Would You Let Me Help You Finish Your Subject In The Fastest And Easiest Way Possible?

If so, then let me tell you what the deal is.

To get a full access for all my best videos, you simply sign up for my premium membership.

Crazy FACT: The average MBA salary increase after graduation is $127,000 per year (Source: Financial Times 4th January 2019) and the average starting salary of a bachelor or college business graduate is $50,000.

If my premium videos are the catalyst for you to finally complete your degree, then even if I charged you a crazy $10,000 fee, your “Return on Investment” or ROI on just $50,000 would be 500%! (To put in perspective, investing-god WARREN BUFFET’s average yearly ROI from 1965-2017 is only 20.9%)

But don’t worry, you don’t have to invest $10,000. 

(Seriously though, be honest… with your “imaginary” $10,000, would you choose to invest it with Warren Buffet’s average 20.9% return, or invest it right NOW for a 500% return? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s a real question worth asking if you’re truly serious about completing your degree)

It would be a darned good investment considering all the benefits I mentioned earlier.

In business school, we hear so many accounting and finance definitions of “spending” vs. “investing.”

But as a successful entrepreneur in my own right, I have my own super simple definition and I’d like to ask you if you agree with me.

Spending: Take money out of my pocket for temporary fun or sustenance today, then money is gone forever.

Investing: Putting good money to good use today which will then earn (and even save) much more.

So think it as an investment that would completely change the whole game, and bring you one step closer to your dream job.

That way, you can encourage yourself to try joining the premium membership site, and see for yourself all the mega-valuable lessons I’ve prepared inside.

Fun Fact:

In the past, my friends would give me $750 for 30 hours tutoring in my city…

My university now gives me $3,480 for 30 hours of part-time (adjunct) lecturing… ($116/hr).

But now, you can get the similar benefits for a small fraction of what everybody else has to pay. And yet, it may be cheaper than all the money you’ve spent to purchase video games. What’s more, your money may actually irrelevant here.

My Triple Guarantee And Refund Policy
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Here’s how it works:

  • Enroll right now and immediately watch ANY THREE (3) videos in the collection.  If you don’t feel it’s helped you more than the free videos, just email me right away at Support@MBAbull.com within the time limit after enrolling, and your subscription will be cancelled and you’ll get a full refund. (NO QUESTIONS ASKED as long as you follow that condition.)
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  • And THIRD, you have the power to “fire” me by cancelling your subscription at any time in the future and you will never be billed another penny!

If this is not enough to encourage you to make this long-term, valuable investment… then I guess you’re not ready to graduate just yet.

Still with me? Good!

Here’s how to get started in this program:

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David “Lightning-Fast Tutor” Michael

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“Never lower your target, increase your action”

-Grant Cardone