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Ebook #1

1-Hour Bullshit Buster: Basics in Easy English ($26)

This eBook will show you a super easy explanation of:
√ Future Value
√ Present Value
√ Accumulated Value
√ Net Present Value
√ Internal Rate of Return

Ebook #2
1-Hour Bullshit Buster: Investment Decisions ($26)

Inside this eBook, you’ll discover The SHOCKINGLY easy conceptual explanation of:
√ Perpetuities
√ Annuities
√ Stocks
√ Bonds
√ How to Value Stocks
√ How to Value Bonds
√ Payback Period
√ Discounted Payback Period
√ Capital Budgeting Using Net Present Value

Ebook #3
1-Hour Bullshit Buster: Risk and Return ($26)

In as little as one hour today, you’ll understand:
√ Cost of Capital
√ Cost of Debt
√ Cost of Equity
√ CAPM Capital Asset Pricing Model
√ Beta for CAPM
√ Beta Levered vs. Unlevered
√ Arbitrage Pricing Theory
√ WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Ebook #4
1-Hour Bullshit Buster: Capital Structure ($26)

A ridiculously EASY explanation of:
√ Efficient Market Hypothesis
√ Effect of Debt on Profitability and Risk
√ Modigliani and Miller Propositions 1 and 2
√ Tax Shield
√ Effects of Dividend Policy and Payout
√ Cash Dividends
√ Stock Dividends
√ Stock Splits
√ Stock Repurchases

Ebook #5
1-Hour Bullshit Buster: Scary Finance Topics ($26)

A VERY easy explanation of:
√ Put Options
√ Call Options
√ Effects of Inflation on Foreign Currency Exchange
√ Effects of Interest Rates on Foreign Currency Exchange
√ The Fama-French Model

Ebook #6
1-Hour Bullshit Buster: Scary Accounting Topics ($26)

A super SIMPLE explanation of:
√ Cash Flow vs. Net Income
√ Break Even Analysis
√ Cost Volume Profit Analysis
√ Activity Based Costing
√ Economic Order Quantity
√ Re-order Point

Ebook #7
MBA Bull’s 12 Secret Tips to Top Grades ($26)

This eBook will show you my 12 secret tips to get top grades. Made especially for slow learners like YOU and ME.

FACT: It could take you a WHOLE SEMESTER to understand even just the concepts of all this (and that’s only if you have a good professor), but with this, I’m very confident you can understand ALL these concepts IN AS LITTLE AS 6 HOURS today (perhaps even much less IMHO)

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1. It uses super simplified language to help you understand the concept fast and easy, while also eliminating stress, frustration, and that overwhelmed feekubg.
2. 90% math-free! These ebooks focus on the concept, with very little math…  If you want to learn the math part, these ebooks also include links to my super quick and mostly FREE tutorial videos which focus on the math calculations. (These tutorial videos are ultra-easy as well.)
3. I have made probably all the worst mistakes already and went through hell learning from them… so you don’t have to go through them too!

Quick reminder: This is not a textbook replacement (since a textbook has exercises, calculations, etc.) but this eBook set will make all the concepts REALLY (and I mean REALLY) easy to understand compared to your textbook.

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