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  • mostafa khames

    Reply Reply 3 September 2014

    thank you so much you are a great help

  • mostafa khames

    Reply Reply 3 September 2014

    thank you so much you are a great help for the beginers of this field so you are helpfull site

  • isaac

    Reply Reply 11 September 2014

    Thanks great stuff.

  • Jerome M. Kunda

    Reply Reply 24 September 2014

    I like the tutorial video.I would love to be receiving your videos.

  • Natasha

    Reply Reply 29 March 2015

    doing MBA after Kids completed studies – great help to get going again.
    I love the tutorials no BS and easy to understand. :):):)

    • David

      Reply Reply 29 March 2015

      @Natasha great to hear that! Hope the kids are doing fine

  • Melanie Balke

    Reply Reply 11 October 2015

    Hi David,

    about two years ago I bought your MBA Finance book. Back then I think it was still one complete book. Unfortunately, I cannot log in with my log-in details anymore to download it again. Is there a possibility to still get access?

    Love your work



    • David

      Reply Reply 11 October 2015

      @MelanieBalke Hi, no worries, I found your old receipt, will re-send you the download link for the ebook. Cheers

    • David

      Reply Reply 12 October 2015

      Hi again Melanie, pls check your email as I’ve resent the ebook download link. Also check your spam/junk folder in case it’s there. Best of luck in your studies.

  • Carolyn French

    Reply Reply 23 February 2016

    Love the video series. It has been a great help.

    • David

      Reply Reply 28 February 2016

      @Carolyn glad it’s been of help


    Reply Reply 8 September 2016

    my beloved people, u are great.

  • Laura

    Reply Reply 13 September 2016

    Your free stuff has been a great refresher for me. When I get employed again (Commercial Real Estate-Community Shopping Ctrs and Mixed Use) I will give back to you, and buy the Premium stuff.

    Your explanations and wit has been a great ride. I love your teaching style. I take your classes on the treadmill every morning. Some of this stuff was covered in ICSC Mgmt School, but when you hit 6 decades you have to replace the stuff that leaked out. IRR and the other topics have been great to re-learn. You will help me gain employment again. You’re terrific. Ageism sucks!(I’m a size 4 and youthful looking, but over the hill, and off the pill. lol)
    So Ca

    • David

      Reply Reply 23 September 2016

      @Laura: Wow, I’m honored to have such a senior learner on my site. Hope all is well with you in So Ca

  • Mohammad Salem Oudat

    Reply Reply 23 September 2016

    I need the solution for Exam Preparation WACC – Common Exam Question – FULL video at MBAbullshit.com

    • David

      Reply Reply 23 September 2016

      @Mohammad thanks for your interest. You may click on any premium video and you’ll go to a page which says “members only.” You can then click “Sign Up” and you’ll see the options for membership.


    Reply Reply 13 February 2017

    Bull Shit, where have you been all this time since i started by MBA in 2014? In ONLY 20 minutes i have understood the WACC concept which has been taught to me in like 6 modules in 2 years (Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Management Finance etc)!! It didn’t make sense before, now it does, thank you!!

    You rock, Bull Shit!! I want more!!

    • David

      Reply Reply 31 March 2017

      @Agnes hope you’re done with your MBA now

  • Ameen

    Reply Reply 28 March 2017

    Great great great great ….
    You are really great
    I am realy gratefull for you

    Ameen From Republic of Yemen

    • David

      Reply Reply 31 March 2017

      @Ameen thanks and hope all is well with you in Yemen!

  • Megha S

    Reply Reply 4 May 2018

    i am so grateful to you for teaching me corporate finance at a blink. The way things are taught is just awesome. Thank you.

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