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I started out totally SCREWED UP in business school not understanding anything. But when I finally did understand stuff (after looooong sleepless nights!), I started tutoring some classmates, and I loved explaining complex stuff in a fun way. I decided to make just one wacky tutorial video on YouTube. I was SHOCKED by how many people worldwide said I “saved their ass” in school. So I made even more and never looked back! More videos coming soon… 😉

Mission : TO LEVEL the PLAYING FIELD between NERDY GEEKS and LAZY MORONS like me who prefer to sleep, play, or get high all day while studying business subjects for COLLEGE, MBA or BBA.ProductsVideo Tutorials for Business


While many of my fans and friends call me so, I REFUSE to be called a finance genius. I’m better described as a marketing genius. I “know how to market my finance.”

Thanks to my fans, I’m now an Amazon.com worldwide bestselling author of the book “Digital Marketing Madness: Social Media Marketing Strategy at Super Low Cost.”  Please do check it out!


  • yuki

    Reply Reply 8 October 2014

    Hi, I found It is interesting to turn boring thing into a funny thing, and just as you said terminology only sound beautiful and in a fancy business way, and they are so bullshit. So is it always good to make analogy on accounting and financial stuff?

    • David

      Reply Reply 8 October 2014

      @Yuki Glad you find it funny sometimes. As for analogy, I guess everyone has his or her own style, analogy is one of them. Cheers

  • daliah

    Reply Reply 23 October 2014

    I can not find the second part for the ABC costing example!heeelpp

  • Jon Black

    Reply Reply 14 April 2015

    Hello David, quick question. I need to understand more on NPV, WACC, cost of Equity and Beta calculations for my MBA exam coming up. I want to pay for your video lessons but just want to clarify if I pay a fee for one of the videos am I able to watch all of them or is it individual pricing for each video?

    Many thanks,

    • David

      Reply Reply 23 April 2015

      @Jon: Hi Jon, the monthly fee is to watch all the premium videos available. It’s not individual pricing.

  • alaa almahameed

    Reply Reply 17 April 2015


    • David

      Reply Reply 23 April 2015

      @Alaa: Hi, just input your name and email into the box in the welcome page and the free ebook link will be emailed to you.

  • ibro ahmetagic

    Reply Reply 22 May 2015

    I am searching for exams+results+solutiin process, for example for your bond valuation usual exam video

  • Lyla

    Reply Reply 23 September 2015

    Dear David:
    I know absolutly nothing about finance etc. but desperately need to learn everything. I found your vedio on Youtube by accident and they are super easy and clear(comparing to other sources: books/complex definations/formula that looks scary…), therefore I want to follow you and to learn all the videos you made. So here comes the question: Did you make them systematically? What is the right/best order to start, I mean from the very beginning?

    • David

      Reply Reply 24 September 2015

      @Lyla: Hi, the way the videos are laid out is the recommended order already; based on popular textbooks’ order of sequence. Cheers!

  • Prakhar Sharma

    Reply Reply 14 November 2015

    Facing problem in purchasing the premium videos of mba bullshit.com

    • David

      Reply Reply 15 November 2015

      Hi Prakhar, what problem are you facing?

  • Marlene

    Reply Reply 19 November 2015

    Good Day David,

    Last year this time I was on study leave to study for something I have never did well in or never feel to pursue, Finance.
    Like the others I came across your You Tube video’s only after I failed my November exam and needed to do something about this to pass. And in March I found your self help easy guidance video’s and I passed with a 52%. Now this coming Saturday, 19 Nov I am due for second year Finance and my tutor dropped me as he had personal family issues (I think) and left me stranded as this year it is about IRR, investing, zero coupon bonds. Then I decided to come back to You Tube and found your video’s with a very simple way of explaining this. Can the fairy not magically make you appear to help me as I have one day to go, want to knee halter this last year Finance because this is something I am not going to attempt in my 3rd year. Did I say I live in South Africa.

    Thank you for the great work you done to have help people like me and others with a BEST solution on wanting to study and make it easy to understand.

    • David

      Reply Reply 19 November 2015

      @Marlene WOW! Good hope you do well in your exam!

  • Harish

    Reply Reply 18 February 2016

    In the financial ratios family, have a query with respect to Cash Ratio. What exactly is included in Cash? Is it only Cash in hand & idle funds in bank account?

    • David

      Reply Reply 19 February 2016

      @Harish: All cash. Under the assumption that it can quickly and easily be used to pay debts. Now what if the cash is locked in a time deposit which cannot be terminated for 20 years? Tricky question and your professor may have his own opinion on how to classify that..

  • Peter

    Reply Reply 13 April 2016

    Dear David,

    I’ve got the Mbabullshit promo code.

    However, there is no place on Premium Login subscription website to apply it. It just takes you straight to Paypal payment page.

    Are these promo codes real and do they really work?

    Please help.

    Much appreciated,


    • David

      Reply Reply 14 April 2016

      @Peter: We don’t use codes for our promos; but we do have special offers for people who, for example, signup for our newsletter.

  • Abibi Champ

    Reply Reply 22 June 2016

    I heard you talk about your mba bullshit cheat sheet.
    how can i have access to this sheet?
    Is it in excel? can it auto calculate answers if i input figures?

    Is the sheet covering all the cooperate finance formulas?

    look forward to hearing from you

    • David

      Reply Reply 7 July 2016

      Hi, the cheat sheet is at the bottom of the page of the video you’re viewing. Not for all videos though, but for the most common ones like NPV, Wacc, etc.

  • hubscher

    Reply Reply 21 August 2016

    Hi, coud you tell me how to find the lunch video.

    • David

      Reply Reply 24 August 2016

      @hubscher Hi, Lunch Buddy videos have been renamed as Premium Videos, cheers

  • HappyPatron

    Reply Reply 20 January 2017

    I can’t believe that I spent so much time (and money) trying to understand topics that I was able to easily understand in 3 minutes with your videos. Kudos and keep up the good work! We need more people like you in the world!

    • David

      Reply Reply 31 March 2017

      @HappyPatron glad you had a good 3 minutes!

  • Ranjana

    Reply Reply 20 February 2017

    Hey I really appreciate your time and effort you put into making those amazing tutorials because the saved me led to success,, thxs so much

    • David

      Reply Reply 31 March 2017

      @Ranjana I appreciate that you appreciate my effort!

  • TDavid Lane

    Reply Reply 27 March 2017

    Outstanding stuff my friend. Makes my investing decisions better acclimated to the markets. Easy and the way its presented is a no brainer
    Keep up the BS and best regards

    • David

      Reply Reply 31 March 2017

      @TDavid glad you find my site a no-brainer!

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