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  • harry

    Reply Reply 10 January 2012

    hello sir,

    I am impressed by ur style of teaching very easy and helpful . i will check with online classes …… but i have some question regard what is the process not for paying money . it will be like u provide ur premium video or live classes ……and i stay in India ……

    well thanks for the basic tutorial

  • David

    Reply Reply 13 January 2012

    Hello Harry, I’m not quite sure I understand your question? Cheers

  • Samantha

    Reply Reply 12 February 2012

    lunch buddy videos for NPV exam questions showing solutions, where is it?

    • David

      Reply Reply 22 February 2012

      Hello Samantha, it’s one of the premium videos. But you can watch the completely FREE basic videos at VERY bottom of the “tutorials” page.

  • Avalon mao

    Reply Reply 11 May 2012

    Do you direct contact or email I can sent to you directly before I sign up unlimited acess for monthly membership?

    • David

      Reply Reply 12 May 2012

      hello! You can contact me at david(at) cheers!

  • chris

    Reply Reply 11 August 2014

    Where do you find exam solution to NPV? I am a member and looked in the premium section and did not see anything related to exam solution for NPV. Thanks

    • David

      Reply Reply 11 August 2014

      hi, are you on the right premium page? (as opposed to the preview page)
      The NPV exam training is either 1) investment 1 or 2, or 2) lease or buy (it was just called differently, ‘exam training’ on Youtube, but it’s the same video (but complete)

  • Atikah hashim

    Reply Reply 6 October 2015

    i don’t know how to count…..

  • Samuel

    Reply Reply 24 October 2015

    Hello I am interested in learning. Where do I find the solitions to the exam quesiton?

    • David

      Reply Reply 30 October 2015

      Hi Sam, it’s one of our premium videos, you can register here

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